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How Many Hours Since September 5, 2007?

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Calendar year. Further information: Category deaths. Main article: Deaths in January Main article: Deaths in February Main article: Deaths in March Main article: Deaths in April Main article: Deaths in May Main article: Deaths in June Main article: Deaths in July Main article: Deaths in August Main article: Deaths in September Main article: Deaths in October Main article: Deaths in November Main article: Deaths in December Retrieved October 12, Archived from the original on October 12, Archived from the original on May 13, Retrieved May 21, BBC News.

January 1, Retrieved February 18, CBC News.

september 5, 2007

March 25, All Rights Reserved. July - July Decade. January 3. September 5,VolNo. A Piece of My Mind. Abstract Full Text. Original Contribution. Rosen, PhD; Paul R. Rosenbaum, PhD; et al. David O. Arora, MD, MA.

september 5, 2007

Curry, MD. Beckman, MD; et al.

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Green, MD, MSc. Golub, MD. Liss, MD; Patricia A. Carney, PhD; et al. Gale, PhD; Peter J. Grant, MD; et al. Bazzano, MD, PhD.

Harrington, MD; John H. Alexander, MD; Judith S. Hochman, MD; et al. Lake Pontchartrain in the Distance Robert M. Poetry and Medicine. Cadaver Chris S. Graduate Medical Education, Sarah E.About logos.

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Other Info. Starting Lineups. Full Site Menu Return to Top. Louis Cardinals. We're SocialThoreau's assessment was inspired by his disgust over Washington's war of aggression against Mexico, and -- what was much the same thing -- the entrenchment and expansion of chattel slavery.

He would almost certainly reach the same conclusion regarding the proper relationship between people who cherish justice and the ever-growing malignancy we could call the Homeland Security State. Thoreau's comments about the servility on which the State depends have likewise been vindicated by time.

Thoreau allowed that there are a handful of people --"heroes, patriots, martyrs, reformers in the great sense, and men " -- who distinguish themselves by serving the government "with their consciences," which unavoidably means that they "necessarily resist it for the most part; and they are commonly treated as enemies by it.

One very telling measure of the Regime's fear of jury nullification is found in the efforts expended by prosecutors -- who have become a veritable human pestilence -- to prevent cases from going to trial. Maybe jury duty would be more palatable to people who love their liberty if it were voluntary. But where I live California and New York it appears to be another form of enslavement.

Tragic case down here in Florida. A group of gang bangers tried to run over a bystander for the fun of it. The man they tried to hit pulled out a pistol he was legally carrying and shot at the driver, who he hit. The driver later died. The state decided to prosecute him knowing he would be found innocent under Florida law.

September 5

The DA said the office wanted a "precedent" and a good "test case". Well, that man was actually imprisoned for a few days, during which time the gang bangers burnt down his house. I mention all this because the whim and curiosity of a DA, turned this man's life upside down. It is amazing how much power these people hold.

Taylor, I agree that jury service should be voluntary; that's a point addressed in pt. Some advocates of military conscription contend that the draft and jury duty are natural exceptions to the ban on "involuntary servitude. Zachary, that's horrible but entirely believable. Could you provide me with some additional details? I googled some of the details, but nothing came up. I remember it was out of the Miami area though. It was awhile back, but this post made me remember that the DA thought it was totally acceptable to bring a man to trial knowing he was innocent both morally and in the eyes of official state law.

Oh, and it was a "test case", he used those words, for Florida's so called "stand your ground" law, which just clarified that when in public, there is no duty to try and retreat if attacked.

It rightly gives the benefit of the doubt to the victim. Will, Thanks. I didn't have time to watch the videos earlier when I was first reading your post as I had to head out. However, I will watch the videos when I get a chance. While I don't believe the Constitution to be any kind of authority, I am glad to know that it contains language which bans all forms of involuntary servitude, including jury duty, and I am also happy to know that you understand the importance of the ban being universal as well.

Just as you can't expect a child to become informed on any subject when he is forced to attend school, you can't expect a jury to be informed or more importantly, care about a trial if they are forcibly held and made to attend. They are very careful not to let our kind of people get selected for the jury.The Public Inspection page on FederalRegister.

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September 5, 2007 Letter to Financial Institutions

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September 5, 2007

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Beltre3B. Broussard1B. JohjimaC. Lopez, Jo2B. Betancourt, YSS. Cabrera, MeCF.Skip To Content Ontario. All FSCO.

september 5, 2007

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september 5, 2007

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